Tungsten Carbide Wear Resistant Coating – TLC

Increase the life of your critical wear parts subject to high abrasion conditions

Apply Tungsten Longlife Coating (TLC) to your machinery and equipment to protect the original product and slow down the wearing process.

Lower your costs dramatically

TLC lowers your cost per hour through:

  • less GET change out
  • longer wear life
  • increased machine production
  • better machine availability.

Some of our customers have reduced their effective GET costs in excess of 50%.

Robot depositing Tungsten Longlife CoatingRobot depositing Tungsten Longlife Coating


Tungsten Carbide particles are welded to critical wear areas of the parent material which is subject to abrasive wear. TLC is applied using an open arc, gas shielded process (MIG) which creates a pool of molten steel. The particles of Tungsten Carbide are introduced at the point of fusion with the parent metal.

High production quality

Cutting Edges has the latest advanced processes to apply TLC to all items resulting in:

  • correct weld penetration of the parent steel
  • correct size of Tungsten Carbide particles
  • concentrated deposit of Tungsten Carbide particles
  • application to the correct area of the product to suit operating conditions

Tungsten Carbide coating improves heat resistanceTungsten Carbide coating improves heat resistance

Application in abrasive conditions:

  • Ripper tips and protectors
  • Scraper router bits
  • Scraper cutting edges
  • Bucket tips – all applications
  • Scarifier tips – motor graders
  • Dozer cutting edges and end bits
  • Adaptors – buckets
  • Compactor feet and scarifier bars
  • Dredging applications
  • Dragline buckets – wear plate
  • Reclaimer buckets
  • Underground GET applications.

Agricultural application:

  • All types of tillage points
  • Tynes
  • Slasher blades
  • Cane harvester base cutters.

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