White Iron blocks and bar – XT Block

Extend the life of your mining buckets and teeth & adaptors

XT Blok provides excellent protection from abrasionXT Blok provides excellent protection from abrasion

XT Blok is a composite white iron wear surface vacuum brazed to weldable mild steel backing plate, buttons, blocks and bars.

XT Blok is typically welded to the surface of mining buckets and teeth/adaptors to provide protection from severe abrasion and impact encountered in service.

The wear resistant white iron component conforms to Australian Standard AS2027 and is a CrMoCu-1521 (15%Cr 2%Mo 1%Cu) martensitic white iron alloy.

The XT Blok alloy has excellent hardenability, is produced with a minimum bulk hardness of 700 BHN and contains primary carbides of up to 1500 HV.

XT Block is supplied in a variety of sizes and incorporates a notched backing, making it easy to cut to size and bend to offer protection on a contoured surface.

Protection for bucketsProtection for buckets

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