R & D

A history of new product development

New product development has been at the heart of Cutting Edges from its beginning in 1960, when it started manufacturing cutting edges at its first workshop located near Sydney airport.

Today we continue to deliver both innovative new products and incremental improvements to existing ones.

The production rate over the past decade or so has been 10-20 new products a year and some 50 improvements to existing products a year.

Our mission is to deliver ongoing improvements in performance, safety and cost-effectiveness.

An in-house R&D team

Our dedicated research and development team is made up of highly qualified engineers and technical staff. Their combined expertise represents many years of experience and a deep understanding of the industry.

Product development is driven by field experience. We nurture a close working relationship with clients in order to observe our product working in a wide variety of operating conditions. This enables us identify problems and define areas for improvement.

A close working partnership with our clients

We see our relationship with our clients as a partnership in which we are both striving for successful outcomes.

Our internal sales staff and field representatives can advise customers on the best products to suit their combination of operating conditions and equipment. All staff members undergo ongoing training.

The field reps, in particular, can offer advice based on their first-hand observations when they visit a client’s site.

But our new product development capacity means that we can go one huge step further: We can custom-make products.

Over the years we have developed a number of unique products for clients to suit their particular operating demands. You can see them on our catalogue. They only have one customer.

Quality production facilities that outperform the market

Our high quality in-house production facilities have, over the years, been augmented by specialist manufacturers both in Australia and overseas.

These suppliers are selected on a number of criteria including technical ability, production standards, reliability, value for money and, most importantly, delivery of a consistently high quality of product.

The aim is to provide our customers with value-for-money products that outperform what is available in the market.

Our aim is to:

  1. Reduce operating costs through increased component life that reduces downtime and extends periods between maintenance.
  2. Increase production through superior performance and operating efficiency.

In addition, we place great importance on improving worker safety.

Many successful products

Over the past half century there have been many successful new products for a wide range of applications. Below are three examples.

Cutting Edges manufactures the largest range of Ground Engaging Tools in Australia.

The range has constantly expanded over the past half century via a stream of new products. In addition an ongoing process of continuous improvement has resulted in a steady growth in quality.

The Cutting Edges range has gained industry acceptance due to the significant reduction in operating costs that is delivered by superior material properties and improved design.

The greatly improved wear resistance and operational efficiency results in higher productivity due to longer component life, better reliability, improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.

It is a reflection of the quality and value for money of the Cutting Edges range that it is exported and competes successfully in the international marketplace.

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