Komatsu Engine Parts

A comprehensive range of Komatsu engine parts

You can source a complete range of aftermarket Komatsu engine parts and spare parts from a single quality supplier. Cutting Edges has been in operation for half a century and is Australia’s largest supplier of aftermarket equipment parts.

Off the shelf availability

An Australia-wide network of branches and distributors means that your local branch will be able to supply you with commonly used parts off the shelf.

If you need an unusual or hard to get part we can locate it immediately through our computerised national inventory and express ship it from one of our branch warehouses or head office warehouse.

Service and advice from experienced staff

You benefit from our strong focus on customer service. The Cutting Edges staff members in our branch offices are experienced and well trained. They are strategically located throughout Australia so they know local conditions and can offer advice based on that understanding.

Our national field force is made up of seasoned industry professionals with ride-ranging experience working with our clients on the ground in a variety of locations and operating condition. They can provide the advice and personal service that delivers the right solution for your needs.

A full guarantee on all Komatsu parts

All Cutting Edges Komatsu parts come with a full guarantee. For more than half a century our business has grown because we are committed to customer satisfaction that extends beyond the initial sale. The Cutting Edges reputation and backing follows each and every quality product into the field. You can fit our parts with confidence knowing they will provide long and reliable service throughout their working life.

Value for money

Cutting Edges is committed to providing our customers with the value for money that comes from a combination of quality product and competitive pricing. We source quality parts from the best manufacturers in the world. As direct importers we avoid excessive ‘middle man’ distribution charges and our size gives us the buying power to negotiate better prices.

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