Bucket Teeth & Adaptors

Constant improvement and customised products

If you have unique needs or require bucket teeth and adaptors to fit non-standard machines, you can provide those requirements to our Australian-based R&D team and manufacturing facility who are ready to help.

Cutting Edges’ design and production engineers are always looking for ways to improve existing products or the latest innovation. Helping you extract the most out of your wear parts and ground engaging tools is truly in our DNA.

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The Cutting Edges difference

Choosing the correct system to match your application is vital to cost-efficiency. With the largest range of teeth and adaptors in the industry and an extensive branch and dealer network, our experienced and trained staff can quickly advise and deliver the best product to suit your equipment and operating conditions, saving you time and money.

This extensive knowledge base built from over 60 years of personal service and support, combined with competitive pricing, high quality products and Australia’s largest range, means you can source the best possible wear parts for your unique requirements.

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