SHARQ P300™ Grader Blade

Item. NoW. mmT. mmL. mmW. inchesT. inchesL. feetWeight, kgWeight, lbsNote
122-454410240109159,50,4311,0524,40Sharq P300™
122-4544202401012209,50,4414,7332,50Sharq P300™
122-4544302401015259,50,4518,4240,60Sharq P300™

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Obligation-free Sharq P300™ trial

Cutting Edges is offering a free trial of Sharq P300™ grader blades to qualifying applicants.

A product support representative will attend your site, assist your team to fit the blades and advise your operators on how to best operate and sharpen the blades (55-70 degree cutting angles).

Following the trial, operators are usually stunned by the performance improvements. After the initial free trial is completed, you can continue to test the product at the cost of a set of blades for as long as you need, drawing upon the support of Cutting Edges' staff throughout this process.

Fill in the form to apply for your obligation-free Sharq P300™ trial: