Selecting and Installing Half Arrow Profiles

One of the most versatile wear parts available, heavy duty Half Arrow Profiles are an excellent tool for strengthening and protecting buckets, or extending the service life of damaged buckets.

With their universal edge, weld-on Half Arrow Profiles can be installed on any type of bucket and offer far greater service life than a traditional bolt-on cutting edge, according to Cutting Edges Product Support Representative, Jeff Swan.

“They are suitable for any brand and style of bucket and deliver superb service life thanks to their proven profile, and being manufactured from 500 Brinell, thru-hardened steel.”

Not only designed for a bucket’s base edge, Half Arrow Profiles can be cut and welded between bucket teeth to reduce scalloping, or installed as bucket side bars to improve penetration or bucket capacity.

“They are definitely versatile and user friendly,” Jeff said, adding that the half arrow profile had stood the test of time in the industry.

“And if you have a damaged bucket that is in bad condition with cracks on the base edge, half arrow profiles can be welded on to strengthen the bucket and get you back into service,” Jeff said.

“The arrow head profile is also lighter, easier to work with and offers better performance than a standard bolt-on edge.”

While they are designed for large buckets operating in extreme digging conditions, Half Arrow Profiles can also be fitted to skid steer buckets where they can deliver years of service life.

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Selecting the right Half Arrow Profiles

There are a variety of Half Arrow Profile designs available, with Jeff recommending a tailored solution based on your bucket base edge thickness.

“We don’t want to be putting a 50mm Arrow Head Profile on a 25mm base edge because you will have a big step down and your base edge is going to break,” he said.

He also warned of a couple of common traps when selecting Half Arrow Profiles.

“If you have teeth on your bucket with a side pin, be sure to select a profile that will allow you to remove the side pin and get your bucket teeth off.”

Jeff added that when welding “you must heat both the Arrow Head and base edge material to 100 degrees so they both adhere to each other.”

Half Arrow Profiles:

  • Versatile protection for any bucket – universal use.
  • Heavy Duty – 500 Brinell thru-hardened steel.
  • Suitable for strengthening damaged buckets.
  • Can also be used as Teeth Segments to reduce wear between teeth, or as side cutters to improve material crowding and protect against wear.

What machines are Half Arrow Profiles designed for?

  • Skid Steer Buckets
  • Wheel Loader Bucket Edges
  • Front End Loaders
  • Loader Buckets any type
  • Underground Loaders
  • Dredges
  • Bucket Wheel Dredges, Excavators, Reclaimers

Other names for Half Arrow Profiles:

  • Half Arrow Head
  • Cast Arrow Head
  • Arrow Edges
  • Arrow Head
  • Weld-on Arrow Head

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