Enginaire Precleaners

Enginaire. The finest engine intake precleaner available.

Enginaire Precleaners are designed to remove most of the contaminants from the air that feeds the engine. The advantages are extended filter life, improved fuel economy and extended engine life. Turbochargers, blowers, cylinder liners, piston rings and engine oil all fail because of contamination. The Enginaire precleaner is a precision manufactured product and a full range of models is available to fit most engines.

Inside the Enginaire Precleaner…

Free engine intake air powers the Enginaire Precleaner. Incoming air is drawn through the angled louver plates, which direct the intake air to turn the stainless steel rotor which is mounted on dual precision ground heavy duty bearings. The centrifugal force caused by the spinning motion of the rotor separates the contaminants from the air, throwing them to the inner perimeter of the cover and expelling them out through the discharge port and then into the engine.


  • Low initial cost. Normally payback is in one year or less.
  • Self-cleaning, maintenance-free operation.
  • Easy installation (normally 5 minutes or less).
  • Ruggedly dependable. Heavy-duty industrial construction from corrosion resistant, durable aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Lifetime Warranty on body, hood and rotor against manufacturing defect or failure.
  • Two year warranty on dual precision-ground heavy-duty bearings.

The advantages of fitting an Enginaire precleaner

Prolong the life of your filters by up to 12 times

Pre-filters up to 99% of contaminants such as dust, rain, insects, snow, sand, leaves, cinders and sparks.

Reduce downtime by up to 50%

Maintenance and breakdown due to dirty air is dramatically reduced.

Cut maintenance costs by up to 25%

Less dirt in your engine, fewer parts to replace.

Increase engine power by up to 10%

Cleaner filters maintain the power potential of your engines.

Reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%

Cleaner filtersmaintain the correct fuel/air ratio longer. Your engine burns cleaner.

Reduce oil consumption by up to 15%

A dramatic reduction of engine grit and grime leads to less oil consumption.

Increase engine life by up to 25%

Cleaner engines last longer.

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