Femco Drain Plugs

Reduce downtime, extend the life of engines, reduce pollution and improve safety

Femco is the world’s premium system for safely and economically draining and refilling the fluids of engines, gear boxes, diffs, radiators and for handling other fluids.

Since 1986 Femco has set the standard for fluid drainage systems. It is used world wide in commercial applications including trucks, passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery and mining and construction equipment.

Guaranteed for the life of the engine

Femco plugs are of the highest quality brass and steel construction. Once correctly fitted, the Femco plug can stay in place and is guaranteed for the life of the engine.

The benefits of using Femco drain plugs

Reduce downtime

  • Change the oil of equipment on site.
  • Change hot oil – no need to wait for oil to cool down.
  • Change the oil quickly and easily through a fully contained system.
  • Don’t waste time removing damaged and frozen drain plugs.

Extend the life of engines

  • Drain the oil while it is hot, with the contaminants still in suspension.
  • Take oil samples anytime – easy, quick, safe and clean.

Improve safety

  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Clean, contained fluid handling operation.
  • No hazardous spills onto maintenance staff’s hands, clothing and work area.
  • Elimination of injuries caused through struggling with damaged drain plugs.

Eliminate drain plug problems

  • Use the Femco plug to replace stripped and damaged threads.
  • Leave it in place for the life of the engine.
  • No more changing of seals.
  • No more repairing of stripped threads.
  • No more over or under-tightening.

Easy to fit

  • No special equipment is needed.
  • Just replace the factory fitted plug with the Femco plug.
  • Thread patterns and length are available to fit virtually any application.
  • Even custom plugs can be made to order.

Reduced environmental pollution

  • Eliminate spills, since the oil is fully contained all the way from the engine to the storage tank.
  • No more messy, hazardous and costly spills to be cleaned up.
  • Reduce the pollution of workshops, sites and the general environment.
  • Reduce the potential for penalties due to environmental pollution.

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