Baldwin Filters

Quality is the top priority at Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filters do not just assemble filters, as many large companies do.  They control the quality and consistency of their product through a vertically integrated manufacturing process in which they produce filters and also manufacture filter components.

This ability to build a complete filter means that Baldwin can control both quality and cost and provide an advantage over other suppliers.

A quality alternative to OEM

Baldwin aims to design filters that meet or exceed OEM specification.  Baldwin filters are first designed and tested in the lab and then refined through extensive field testing to ensure a high level of performance.

A process of continuous improvement produces a quality product

Baldwin’s committed to a process of continual improvement has enabled the company to become a global business with its products distributed through six continents.

Its team of engineers uses the latest technology to produce patented original designs including such products as Radial Seal air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators and controlled release coolant products.

Baldwin filters are covered by a full warranty

Each Baldwin filter comes with a full warranty so you can fit it with confidence, knowing that your valuable machinery is protected.

Off-the shelf availability

Cutting Edges has an Australia- wide distribution network connected by a computerised stock management system, so in the rare instance that your local branch does not have the part you want in stick it can be expressed shipped from one of our national warehouses.

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