Cutting Edges supplies high quality replacement track shoes to suit a range of excavators, draglines and shovels working in various operating conditions.

The right selection of track shoe can make a dramatic difference to wear rate, reliability and, ultimately, operating costs. Our team can advise you on the most appropriate track shoe to use for your machine and for the conditions in which you are operating.

A range of considerations need to be taken into account to ensure that your new track shoes exhibit excellent wear properties and maintain their structural integrity:

  • Operating conditions can vary from low impact to extreme, and the correct choice of shoe minimizes wear rates and damage.
  • Selecting the right material from which the track shoes are manufactured is crucial for optimum performance.
  • Selecting the right thickness of material. Track shoes can be manufactured in different thicknesses and with different configurations of grouser bars. The right choice depends on the application of the machine.

Quality and value for money

Value for money is a key consideration of our team. Our aim is to supply reliable and long-lasting replacement track shoes at a cost-effective price point.

Our aim is your success

For half a century we have built our company on providing professional service in order to help our customers succeed.

When it comes to replacing your track shoes our team and our production facilities will work closely with you to maximise the productivity of your machines.

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