Box Point

The 13000 series tips are designed to met specific applications. The options covered are hydraulic excavators, large rope shovels and draglines.

Using the latest CAD and solidification software a far superior product has been produced that focuses on enhanced machine performance and reduced operating costs.

Fully compatible with the 130 base adaptor tooth system the 13000 is simple and quick to fit and remove using the Dynalock locking system.

130 Tip

The Cutting Edges design of intermediate adaptor and tips features patented dual vertical drive through pins to retain the tip. This effectively guarantees the retention of the tip and hence maximizes the life of the intermediate adaptor.

The intermediate adaptor is in turn retained by the Dynalock locking system that is both simple and quick to fit and can be removed safely using the Dynalock removal tool.

Whilst specifically designed for use on draglines, this system can also be used on hydraulic excavators and rope shovels.

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