Hoses & Clamps

Cutting Edges stocks a complete range of cost-effective, high performance silicone hoses and clamps for truck and machine applications.

Silicone Hoses

Select from our wide range of high quality USA manufactured silicone rubber hoses for numerous functions including Water, Turbocharger, Intercooler and Oil Drain.

A wide variety of configurations are available in straight hose and reinforced bends with specifications that include:

  • 4-Ply Water Coolant and Heater hose
  • Turbocharger hose suitable for temperatures up to 260C
  • Turbocharger Air Cooler hose for use in a temperature range from -54C to 177C

Key Features/Benefits

  • Industry leading abrasion resistant rubber compound selection
  • Isolate or reduce vibration
  • Dampen sound vibration
  • Wide variety of hose ends available
  • Total hose solutions

Stainless Hose and T-Bolt Clamps

Choose from our wide selection of high quality hose and T-Bolt clamps for use in virtually every application requiring the joining, connecting or fastening of hose, tubing and solid objects. Whether you need strength, flexibility, quick adjustment, reliability or customisation, our comprehensive line of hose and T-Bolt clamps can provide the perfect clamping solution for you.


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