Cutting Edges & End Bits

Part number identification service

Not sure of the part number you need to replace? At Cutting Edges we offer a part identification service to easily determine the product you need. 

Generally, if you know the dimensions, thickness, length, width and location and size of any holes, we will be able to identify your part.

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Bulldozer cutting edges and end bits

As a specialist manufacturer of bulldozer and tractor blades, you can source a complete range of thicknesses in both standard and heavy duty, including hot cupped end bits to provide maximum penetration and help protect your blade from damage.

Scraper cutting edges and router bits

Deal with a specialist manufacturer and supplier of a huge range of scraper edges and blades to suit all applications and models of machines including elevating scraper, auger and open bowl.

Constructed with high quality, through-hardened alloy steel to suit both standard or heavy-duty applications, you can choose from straight or drop centre configuration.

Loaders and excavator base edges and bolt-on cutting edges

Cutting Edges stock and manufacture a complete range of excavator base edges and bolt-on cutting edges to suit all makes of loaders, excavators and backhoes.

  • Standard or custom design
  • Spade nose
  • Wraparound ends
  • Drilled for adaptors and segments
  • Heat treated for longer life
  • Weld-on corner guards
  • Bolt-on, weld-on adaptors
  • Specials made-to-order

Grader blades

Cutting Edges supply a wide range of grader blades to suit a variety of machines. You can choose grader blades in two specifications: heat treated grader blades and black high carbon grader blades.

Please note that whenever you are replacing grader attachments, plow bolts should also be replaced.

Heat treated grader blades

  • Double bevelled curved: 6-inch and 8-inch
  • Double bevelled flat: 8-inch and 10-inch
  • Serrated blades (curved and flat)
  • Overlays and underlays
  • Scarifier shanks and teeth
  • Ripper tynes and teeth
  • Molboard liners

Black high carbon grader blades

  • High carbon – toughened for demanding conditions
  • Over 32 million blades sold
  • High level performance
  • Strict quality control

Standard or centre-line drilled

  • Curved grader blades

See more details on our range of grader blades.

Sharq P300TM gravel grader blade

For gravel road maintenance nothing rivals the Sharq P300 which easily cuts even the hardest compacted gravel.

As opposed to thicker blades which require more power to operate effectively; the Sharq P300 cuts easily, crushes less gravel and runs smoothly, saving you time, money and decreasing the need to add new gravel to the road surface.

Find out more about the Sharq P300 here.

Plow bolts and nuts

Are you looking for high quality plow bolts designed for reliable service and a long lifespan?

All Cutting Edges plow bolts are cold forged and undergo a carefully controlled heat treatment process to ensure a minimum tensile strength of 170,000 psi (14% greater than SAE Grade 8) and a core hardness of Rockwell C36-42.

Further strength is delivered in the fully formed square neck and a raised spherical formed head. Grade 9 plow bolts with a raised countersunk head are also available.

All UNC-2A threads have radiused root run-out and blend smoothly into the shank to give added fatigue protection.

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Custom Designs and site audits

If you would like to modify a cutting edge or end bit from its standard production specifications or in the unlikely event that we do not stock your part, you can order a tailored solution from our Australian manufacturing facility.

You will work with our specialist R&D team, dedicated to delivering customised cutting edges and end bit product solutions. They will even attend your site to inspect existing systems and provide recommended solutions to drive improved product performance and lifespan.

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